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Dr. S. S. Badrinath
Phone: 7003770652, 9674458903

I am Meholi Banerjee Intern of Sankara Nethralaya Kolkata 2019-2020.

I want to share my experience of the internship. First of all, I am grateful to Venkat sir, Rukaiya Maam, and Shimona ma'am for support and guidance.

It is a bittersweet experience.

The first day of mine in the hospital I don't know anyone and I was so scared and my first mentor was Rukaiya ma'am. I am so grateful to her she was the most supportive and helpful teacher/mentor. She always encouraged me from the first day. She is the most wonderful mentor in charge.

Shimona ma'am is so polite and supportive mentor. When I was posted with her she used to believe in me and let me handle the patients by myself it is really helpful to build up the confidence thank you, ma'am, for the support. And one thing I remember and it stays with me for the rest of my life Shimona ma'am use to call me Mehula that is so special for me... And whenever I feel low I always talk to Shimona ma'am and she always gave positive energy thank you, ma'am. And I am so thankful to Venkat Sir our academic head for guidance and support. Sir never miss our clinical classes. Sir used to travel one campus to the other campus only for our classes and to teach us, thank sir you are a role model for us. Thank you, sir, for the guidance and support and most importantly your patience and for your tolerance .. And thank you, sir, for never giving up on us.

Thank you so much.

I want to thank all my rest of the mentors for guiding us and helping us in every step and for being so much supportive.

Dr. S. S. Badrinath
Phone: 8910489998, 8697552698

My Memories in Sankara Nethralaya:

I joined Sankara Nethralaya, Kolkata for internship in 4th July, 2019. First day I was very much frightened about how will be the mentors and the ambience. But believe me, after few days I spent in Sankara Nethralaya, Kolkata my perspective got changed totally. The mentors are very much friendly and caring. They always inspired me in learning. They always help me to improve my practical skills also. I feel free to ask my doubts to my mentors and they always help me wholeheartedly. Our academic head Venkatraman sir always inspired me in every aspect. Sir also makes our whole batch understand how to overcome the hurdles in every aspects of life. Sir used to share us motivational quotes and videos to guide us and motivate us throughout our whole internship. Our mentor incharge Rukaiya maam and Simona maam guided me thought out my internship. Whenever I got any doubts I used to approach them and they always help me to clear all my doubts. I feel myself very lucky as I got my postings with both Rukaiya maam and Simona maam. During my postings Rukaiya maam and Simona maam help me to identify diseases more specifically, help me to improve clinically. I am so privileged to get such wonderful online classes, during the lockdown period. I also want to thank rest of the mentors for improving my clinical skills and for the guidance. All my mentors help me to improve my practical skills as well as my clinical skills in the whole one year. Optometry became more interesting after attending Sankara Nethralaya, Kolkata. I am very privileged to be an intern of Sankara Nethralaya, Kolkata and a part of Sankara Nethralaya family. I am going to miss all the mentors, this place and the whole Sankara Nethralaya family. The memories which I have made in the whole one year will always be a precious one.

Dr. S. S. Badrinath
Phone: 7003954490, 7585821363.

I am Sagar Das, Optometry Intern of Sankara Nethralaya Kolkata, 2019-2020.

To share my experience at Sankara Nethralaya, Kolkata, first I would like to say that I am very lucky and honored to be a part of one of the best organizations in India.

And I am proud and honored to be awarded as the Best Outgoing Optometry Intern of 2019-2020. It adds another proud moment to this achievement as I am the first NSHM Kolkata student to be awarded this prestigious award.

Academic Head and Senior mentor in-charge Venkat Sir, Mentor in-charge Rukaiya ma’am, and Simona ma’am guided us in an exceptional way. Without us telling what each one of us needs they already knew what we lack and what we need to improve and the opportunity to improve was always there without asking.

Maybe it is their “Super Power” that how they knew what we all needed and what is best for us.

Besides all the professional guidance Venkat sir taught us how to be a good person and how to stay positive and motivated. Sir always send us motivational quotes and motivational clips to boost us. Sir was always there when we felt low and lifted us to the top. Thank you so much, sir.

I want to thank Rukaiya ma’am for teaching and guiding me with my Article. I was not able to prepare it up to the mark to be published but the knowledge I gained about writing articles and papers from you ma’am is immeasurable.

Thank you, Simona ma’am, for trusting us and pushing us to better, you are always so polite, you are like a guardian to all of us.

I would like to thank Senior Optometrist Debolina Ma’am. Ma’am made me more confident in my clinical skills and enlarged my knowledge of pediatric patient care. You are a motherly figure to us, ma’am.

I want to individually thank all my other mentors after the lockdown for guiding us and helping us in every step and for being so much supportive.

I also want to thank the Optical staff of SN Kolkata, they provided me a huge knowledge of ophthalmic dispensing.

Thank You team Optometry. Thank you team Sankara Nethralaya.

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